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Strategic Vision

Lagan Valley Regional Park 10 Year Strategic Vision (PDF, 3.7M)

This document sets out our Strategic goals and objectives over the course of the next ten years and is the framework upon which the management plan is based

Annual Reports

Lagan Valley Regional Park Annual Report 2015/16 (PDF 4.6M)

Correction to Annual Report 2015/16: the scale on the graph at top of page 13 should have intervals of 20,000 not 2,000

Lagan Valley Regional Park Annual Report 2014/15 (PDF, 3.9M)

Lagan Valley Regional Park Annual Report 2013/14 (PDF, 12.3M)

Lagan Valley Regional Park Annual Report 2012/13 (PDF, 18M)

Lagan Valley Regional Park Management Plan 2013-15 (PDF, 95Kb)

Lagan Valley Regional Park Annual Report 2011/12 (PDF, 7.54M)

Lagan Valley Regional Park Annual Report 2010/11 (PDF, 1.97M)

Events Programme

Lagan Valley Regional Park Events Programme (PDF, 4.8M)

Lagan Towpath

Towpath Leaflet (PDF, 750Kb)

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Lagan Valley Regional Park Ltd - Memorandum of Association (PDF, 37K)

The Memorandum of Association sets out the objects of the company and the powers of the company may be exercised to meet these objects

Lagan Valley Regional Park Ltd - Articles of Association (PDF, 90K)

The Articles of Association state when meetings of the company will be held and proceedings of the meetings. They also state the voting rights of members, number of directors and the make up of the board. The Articles also include the procedures for appointing and retirement of members and directors

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for Lagan Valley Regional Park (1.7MB) sets out how our organisation works, our aims, structures and policies.

5 year Management Plan

Our 5 Year Management Plan 2017-2022 is available here

Other Documents

Lagan Valley Regional Park - User Survey 2009 Report (PDF, 1.08MB)

This user survey was undertaken by Lagan Valley Regional Park in order to determine the users who frequent the towpath, how far they have traveled and reasons for their visits. This is a follow up to the surveys undertaken in 1998, 2001 and 2006 sadly with DCAL cuts this survey hasn't been carried out in recent years

Lagan Valley Regional Park - Countryside Recreational Strategy, 2005 (PDF, 589K)

This document sets out a Countryside Recreation Strategy for Lagan Valley Regional Park. It outlines the current position for a range of activites which take place throughout the Regional Park. This report has been commissioned by LVRP in association with the Countryside Access & Activities Network (CAAN).


Evaluation, 2015 (PDF, 5.5MB)


This document reports on the Laganscape Project the first HLF funded Landscape Partnership Scheme in Northern Ireland